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Alien proudly moves into its second decade in developing and making premium paintball markers. Alien markers were first released in 2005 as the Interceptor, improved as the Remains, a new body with lower pressures as Independence, then the Invasion: a more affordable Independence.

 Our Fifth release is more than a continuation of past excellence. We see the Deception, with its Morph valve, as a truly significant, workable innovation, not just an incremental improvement.

Significant innovation has been noticeably missing in paintball markers over the last 10 years in both single tube spool guns and stacked tube poppets. Spool based markers claim their superiority in a quieter and calmer shot. Poppet designs on being easier to clean and requiring less service.  The bonus of being a great looking gun going to the stacked tube design as its narrower design and distinctive appearance is something the wide single round tube just can’t have. Therefore the challenge was to excel at every aspect. Perfection standard was then to be able to match the best of both guns in every area.